Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Deadly indie speaks with Ryan Nicholson

1.Who are you biggest influences as a filmmaker

Italian horror such as Deodato and Fulci, D'Amato of course. John
Carpenter and David Cronenberg are huge on my list as well as HG Lewis
and Bob Clark. I also consider Canadian horror author Michael Slade a
big influence.

2. Who or what influenced the film hanger ?

Hanger is a angry movie. I had a lot of issues I needed to get out on
film and that baby became "Hanger" was Troma inspired for sure.
With Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon both in the opening minutes and
"Class of Nuke Em High" playing on the TV, it was my thanks to them
for all of their amazing work over the years.

3. To struggling filmmakers out there can you offer any advice?

Making a movie isn't easy. Anything and everything will go wrong.
Just keep your chin up and don't be discouraged. Odds are, you will
have detractors somewhere along the line, be it bad reviews. Don't
sweat it...just do your thing for yourself. Be a success to yourself.

4. Whats next any projects in the works?

Lots on the go! My high school slasher "Famine" is set for a Europe
release this July. North America soon to follow. Our creature
feature "Big Fucking Monster" is in post. There's a rough cut and I
must say, it's a damn funny, gory movie! The extreme anthology "The
Profane Exhibit" that I directed a segment of is nearing completion.
My segment "The Good Wife" was shot last year, it is nasty vile stuff!
I have my own anthology "Three on a Meathook" planned for shooting
soon and the sequel to "Gutterballs" still being reworked for a new
location. I also have my nasty flick "Transmitters" coming out in a
limited release, direct from me fashion. Should be cool!

5. Why do you make films?

I ask myself that from time to time because its alot easier being a
fan than it is being a filmmaker. I would rather be a fan on some
days. The thing is, I love horror and sleaze. I love make-up effects
and I love my network of friends that I make these movies for. That's
why I do it.

Say something to the fans?

Wait until you see what I have in store for you all!

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