Sunday, February 12, 2012

Deadly Indie talks Horror anthologies with Today Hottest anthology Directors & then tell us your Favorite Horror anthology & why to enter into a drawing to win a Horror anthology DVD extravaganza!

With anthologies on the rise Deadly indie has taken notice & pays tribute to Horror anthologies & celebrates their comeback with a brief history, The fisrt company to really start capitilizing on the trend was Amicus a british sister studio to Hammer Amicus made over 4 anthology films in a row in the 60's and 70's and was responsible for the original Tales from the crypt,
Also amicus released From beyond the grave, Dr Terrors House of Horrors, The House that Dripped Blood, Torture garden & Asylum to name only a few, not to mention Vincent price also did two Horror anthologies tales of terror & Twice told tales Before He Did a whisper to a scream in the 80's. The 80's also saw another comeback for the Horror anthology of course with Creepshow 1-2 both a huge success at the box office and still to this day with old & new Horror fans.
Again anthologies are making a huge comeback with such straight to dvd hits as Chillerama, Drive in Horror Show & Slices of life to even your B-grade Favorites Like Nightmare Alley, Anthologies are here to stay, Tell us what your favorite anthology is & why & be entered to win an anthology from one of these great directors who we asked the same question below, send in your entry here & have a chance to win eiether Slices of Life, Drive In Horror Show or Nightmare Alley!

Anthony G Sumner/Director of Slices of Life speaks:

"From a Whisper to a Scream (AKA The Offspring) (1987)
The film is a really solid horror anthology comprised of a wraparound story starring Vincent Price as an historian who tells of the morbid supernatural goings-on in the town of Oldfield. Each has its own gruesome twist in the vein of horror comics. I like that the film is played straight for horror and does not go for black humor like other horror anthologies.

Campfire Tales (1997)- I really liked the use of common urban legends for each of the tales in this anthology. it has some genuinely scary moments.

Asylum (1972) An applicant for the head doctor position in an insane asylum is given a test: determine which of the patients is actually the former head doctor, who's now gone insane and assumed a new identity. Really fun and twisted, probably my favorite of the Amicus Productions.

Creepshow (1982)
Maintains a perfect balance of scares, humor, camp and gore. The stories are simple and twisted, the performance are perfectly over the top, and the feel is consistantly trippyfrom begionning to end.

I also love Trilogy of Terror (1975) just for the Zuni Fetish Doll segment".

James Cullen Bressack/ Director & Producer Theater of Derrange & The treasure chest of Horror series speaks:

"My favorite horror anthology is Creepshow, but I also Love 3 extremes and Trick R treat. I think anthologies are great because it feels more like an event then just a film. You get to see a bunch of awesome stories all put together. You also alot of the time get to see different stories from different writers and directors which is also kick ass"

Greg Ansin Producer of Drive in Horrorshow Speaks:

"My favorite anthology movie is Creepshow, because it was my first one. There are lots of great iconic moments in the film - the cockroaches in "They're Creeping up on You", Ted Danson coming back to life as waterlogged zombie, and of course "I want my cake!" It's the gold standard by which all other anthologies are judged. The camerawork and effects perfectly create the tone of the old EC comics, the stories are tight and well written, and the cast is great. Of all the anthology films I've seen, this one has had the biggest impact on my own film, "Drive-In Horrorshow".

Now there are lots of other good anthologies out there: Black Sabbath, Asylum, the Tales from the Crypt tv show - I could go on and on. But Creepshow has a special place in my heart. It has yet to be topped".



  1. TRILOGY OF TERROR II: Dan Curtis masterful contributions for the genre are still overlooked only because he worked more for TV than anything else. His body of work begs to be more watched and discussed by true horror fans. One great example is TRILOGY OF TERROR II, a follow up to his classic made for TV anthology which is even better than the original. It's one of the movies that made me fell truly in love not only for horror anthologies, but for the entire genre. Generally, all anthologies have one or more weaker stories than the others. Not in this case, all the three tales are great and delivers the goods. A must watch.

  2. THE OFFSPRING is another favorite. It's also a huge influence to me, another movie i watched when i was starting my love for the horror genre. One of my first movies with Vincent Price too, not to mention the other amazing performers on it: Clu Gulager, Cameron Mitchell, Terry Kiser, Rosalind Cash, Harry Caesar and Martine Beswick.