Monday, May 16, 2011


The Drive in Horror show is yet another awesome Horror Anthology from the folks over at Midnight Releasing/Brain Damage fims, Recently they have turned out some real gems such as this film, Slices of Life, Nightmare alley & Dead teenagers to name a few. Drive in Horror show features a great wrap around idea which takes place in a Dead Drive in. We are treated to a series of horror shorts hosted by a zombie projectionist and his pals. There is a zombie girl that serves blooderd popcorn in the snack bar & a couple of very humorous and very dead patrons in the mix as well. The film features several short stories 5 to be exact : THE PIG about a woman who seeks revenge after a date rape. THE CLOSET about a young boy with a monster in his closet that will eat all his problems away. THE MEATMAN a legend about a serial killer that just may turn out to be the guy next door? There is also two more stories called THE WATCHER & FALLING APART as well in which i will save as a surprise and not say anything else. The look and feel of this anthology is unique and stands alone. Its a mixture of Creepshow Meets Tales from the darkside. The wrap around had a really great look and feel to it ... Id love to see more of these , hopefully there will be a sequel? If you like horror anthologies pick this one up, theres something for every one here.
RANK 9.5/10

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